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Meg McElwain and Frank Turner, III, established The Mitchell Bays Turner Pediatric Fund in 2012 in honor of their son, Mitchell, who was diagnosed when he was 3 months old with a rare form of Infant Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. “Mitchie,” as he was affectionately called, died just weeks after his second birthday from liver and kidney failure caused by the chemotherapy and antibiotic medications he took to fight the disease.

Cancer is a big disease for children to have to fight. It was too big for Mitchell.

Mitchell’s Fund serves as a way to support families in need that are facing challenging pediatric diagnoses and helps address the need for education and advocacy to the community at large on what these families face and how to support them. 

Mitchell Bays Turner Pediatric Fund Advisory Board

Chandler Bays
Harmon Bays
Ken Cobb
Nikki Wilkins Law
Meg McElwain
Ellen Turner
Frank Turner, III
Maelyse McElwain Webb

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