No family ever plans for a medical crisis.  When it happens, the illness affects more than just the patient; it impacts the entire family. Balancing care and attention can create even more pressure in an already stressful environment.

Often following a diagnosis, one parent either voluntarily or involuntarily leaves their job to care for their sick child. One adult must be with the child in the hospital at all times and outpatient treatment often requires several clinic visits each week. This family restructuring is even more traumatic in single parent or single income homes; just keeping the mortgage paid and the lights on can be difficult.

These demands are things a parent caring for a sick child should not have to worry about. Mitchell’s Fund exists to help reduce the social stresses on a family so they can focus on being fully present for their child.


We’re committed to serving and supporting these families.
And we’d love for you to be a part of that commitment, too.

Mitchell Bays Turner Pediatric Fund

c/o Novant Health Foundation
Presbyterian Medical Center
P.O. Box 33549
Charlotte, NC 28233-3549

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